CFT Award Outstanding Our award scheme

Proud of your school’s food? You should be shouting about it! Join our award scheme and show off your school’s commitment to helping children eat well.

Our Good and Outstanding awards will help you:

  • reassure parents you’re providing the best food for children
  • show Ofsted that you’re supporting children’s wellbeing
  • meet the national school food standards
  • help children make healthy food choices
  • receive recognition in your local community.

Get started:

  • Apply for our Good Food Award by showing us you have a good menu, a food policy and a commitment to improving your school’s food even further. You’ll use our self-assessment to do this, and your award is valid for year.
  • Apply for our Outstanding Food Award if you can also show us you meet comprehensive criteria on all aspects of food provision and practice. For this award, one of our assessors will also come out to visit you. This award is valid for three years, subject to terms and conditions, with a renewal fee in years two and three.

How much does it cost?

  • Good Food Award: £299 + VAT* (annual renewal cost of £299 + VAT)
  • Outstanding Food Award: £599 + VAT* (with a renewal cost of £299 + VAT for the following two years)

Bespoke prices for groups of settings (e.g. academy chains) – please get in touch directly.

*Costs based on one setting.

What will we get once we’ve passed?

We’ll send you materials to promote your award – you’ll get an award logo, display certificate, vinyl display sticker, posters as well as a package of downloadable promotional resources such as templates for parent letters and press releases. Once you’ve achieved your award you will be featured on our website and we will also share your good news through our social media channels.

Or contact us on 0114 299 6901 or

Sign up here:

Click here to complete our short sign up form.

Outstanding Food Award holders

Red Balloon Nursery Group awarded for two settings in Cobham and Weybridge (May 2016)
Rainbow Pre-school and Extended Services awarded for two settings in Biggleswade (April 2016)
Nature Trails Day Nursery in Rugby (April 2016)
Kloister’s Kindergarten in Rochester (April 2016)
Lordswood Under 5’s Playgroup Chatham (April 2016)
Castleview Day Nursery in Rochester (April 2016)
The Darland pre-school in Gillingham (April 2016)
Railway Nursery in Newhaven (April 2016)
Muddy Boots Home-based Childcare (April 2016)
The Peterborough School Nursery in Peterborough (February 2016)
Sandcastles Nursery in Hadleigh (February 2016)
Rainbow Childcare Centre in Bexhill (April 2016)
Ore Church Mice Preschool in Hastings (April 2016)
Park Road Under Fives Preschool in St Leonards-on-Sea (June 2016)
Silverdale Nursery in St Leonards-on-Sea (June 2016)
Robin Hill Nursery in Eastbourne (September 2016)
Little Poppets Nursery in Seaford (October 2016)
Bright Start Langley Nursery in Eastbourne (October 2016)
Sharon Giles (childminder) in Seaford (September 2016)
Lion Cubs Nursery in Eastbourne (September 2016)
Charlie Bears Nursery in Seaford (September 2016)
Twiglets Forest School (previously called Noah’s Ark Nursery) in Newhaven (October 2016)
Jennifer Crawt (childminder) in Eastbourne (September 2016)
Amberley Nursery in Bexhill (September 2016)
Blue Door Nursery in Seaford (September 2016)
Denton Island in Newhaven (October 2016)
Hopscotch Nursery in Peacehaven (September 2016)
Hopscotch Nursery in Seaford (September 2016)
Leaps and Bounds Nursery in Eastbourne (October 2016)
Jigsaw Day Nursery in St Leonards-on-Sea (October 2016)
Rising Stars pre-school in Eastbourne (October 2016)
Owlets Nursery in Eastbourne (October 2016)
The Caterpillar Nursery at Hollington Primary School in St Leonards-on-Sea (October 2016)
Children’s Choice (October 2016)
Incy Wincy’s in Bedale (February 2017)
Honey Pot Day Nurseries awarded for four settings in Aigburth, Childwall, Garston and Bebington (February 2017)
Layton Ash Nursery in Hastings (March 2017)
Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families in Hungerford (May 2017)
Small is Beautiful Ltd awarded for two settings in Reading and Bracknell (May 2017)


Good Food Award holders

Tiddly Winks Nursery in Redhill (July 2016)
Divine Mercy RC Primary School in Manchester (February 2017)
Bensham Manor School in Croydon (March 2017)
Whitefriars School in Harrow (March 2017)
Clifton All Saints Academy in Clifton (April 2017)
Slough and Eton School in Slough (May 2017)
Highview Kindergarten in Bolton (March 2017)


Frequently asked questions

Who are the awards for?

Our Good Food Award and Outstanding Food Award are for schools and early years settings.

What do we have to do to qualify for an award?

The Good Food Award: you’ll complete a self-assessment form to tell us about your food provision and your approach to food. We’ll review this, your menu and your food policy, and if you meet all of the essential criteria we’ll confirm your award.

The Outstanding Food Award: you’ll complete a self-assessment form to tell us about how you’re delivering for children on comprehensive criteria for all aspects of food provision and your approach to food. We’ll review this, your menu and your food policy, and we’ll visit you to verify the information you’ve provided. If you meet all of the essential criteria, we’ll confirm your award.

How do I apply for one of the awards?

Click here to complete our short sign up form, contact us at or call us on 0114 299 6901.

How long do we get to achieve the award?

There is no time limit. Once you’ve registered for free, you can take as long as you like to complete your self-assessment. When you’re ready, send us your completed self-assessment form, a copy of your current menu and your food policy together with an order form.

How long does my award last for?

The Good Food Award is valid for 12 months. The Outstanding Food Award is valid for three years, subject to terms and conditions, with a renewal fee in years two and three.

How do I renew my award?

You’ll be asked to complete and submit an updated self-assessment, menu and food policy for us review.

Why are you offering two levels to your award?

Our scheme is special because it’s not just about the food on the plate. We look at the whole meal experience for children, and how you’re building their understanding of what it means to eat healthily, wherever they are.

We’re offering two levels so that wherever you are on the journey to helping every child eat well, there’s an award to help you improve or reinforce great practice.

Can caterers apply for the awards?

Our awards are for schools and early years settings. Caterers can use our menu checking service to verify that their menus meet school food standards or food and drink guidelines for early years settings.

Can local authorities or groups of schools or settings get the awards?

Our awards are for individual schools or early years settings. If you’re part of a group of schools or settings wanting to apply, or if you’re from a local authority and want to put forward all of your schools or settings for our award, get in touch – we’d love to work with you.

Our school doesn’t have a kitchen and the dining room is very small – can we still get an award?

Yes. Our awards are about schools and early years settings making the most of their facilities. For example, if you have strategies in place to manage queuing, and have done all you can to make your dining environment attractive to pupils, you will meet our criteria.

Does the award programme cover schools/settings in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland?

The awards are currently offered in England only, but we will consider other locations so please do get in touch.

Can independent or academy schools apply for an award?