The Children’s Food Trust shared the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, helping anyone who provides food for children to do a great job and encouraging industry to help families make better food choices. Every child has a right to nutritious food. When children eat better, they do better. The charity existed because by getting children eating well today, we created the healthier adults of tomorrow. The work of the charity not only benefitted the children and families we worked with, it also cut costs to the NHS, created a more productive workforce and inspired better food habits in future generations. We know children aren’t eating enough fruit and veg, but are eating too much saturated fat, sugar and salt. Teachers say that children are coming to school hungry and yet around one in three children leave primary school overweight or obese. The Children’s Food Trust faced a huge challenge and that challenge has not gone away.

What We Do stripWhat we do

The Children’s Food Trust was made up of experts in children’s food. The team brought together nutritionists, cooks, caterers, food technologists and specialists in early years and school food to offer unrivalled support, training and advice to anyone responsible for providing food to children. We were right at the heart of decision making and positive action taken on issues around children’s food. We advised, influence and campaigned to ensure children are given the tasty and nutritious food they deserve. We worked in partnership with government departments, with big companies – from restaurant chains to supermarkets, global food brands to local suppliers – and with other charities to reach as many children as possible with the message about good food. And because this all starts with education, we ran the biggest network of school cookery clubs in the country, to equip children and families with the skills and knowledge to make healthier food choices in life.

What we achieved

Since we started out in 2005, we played a pivotal role in the transformation of school food. We got millions of children and adults cooking and we’ve supported and trained professionals and parents to ensure children in their care get tasty and nutritious food. We’re proud of everything we’ve done to get children eating well, but some highlights are:

  • leading the launch of the first national school food standards and guidelines on healthy food in childcare for England
  • creating the Let’s Get Cooking club network across the country
  • supporting schools in England to get ready for Universal Infant Free School Meals
  • teaching thousands of children and parents to get cooking in the school holidays across the UK.