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School food standards: checklist for lunch provision

Use this quick checklist to help assess your school lunch provision against the new standards.

School food other than lunch

Whether you’re a school cook, a catering company or childcare provider offering wrap-around care, you’ll need to be sure you’re meeting the standards for school food – right across the day.

Hot provision menus

Example one-week school lunch menus, these menus have been nutritionally analysed to meet current SACN energy, sugars and fibre recommendations.

Cold provision menus

Example one-week school lunch menus

How to limit sugars and increase fibre: A guide for schools and school caterers in England

In July 2015, new recommendations for sugars and fibre intakes were published for adults and children in the UK. This practical guide outlines these recommendations, the reasons for them, and provides practical tips how you can limit sugars and increase fibre in food and drinks you provide for children.

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Producing and sharing allergen information

A guide to support schools and school caterers in England to meet EU and UK allergen labelling requirements

A list and definition of drinks permitted in schools in England

Our summary drinks table lists and defines the type of drinks that can be provided in schools, along with the legislation that underpins the drinks standard.

British Seasonal Food Chart

This food chart highlights vegetables, salad, fruit, meat and fish. It plots their availability across the year and the nutrients they provide.

Recipes meeting the standards

Ready to use and nutritionally analysed, these cards can be used to form part of your compliant menu cycle and cover:

  • Meat Main Meals
  • Fish Main Meals
  • Vegetarian Main Meals
  • Sauces
  • Desserts

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Recipe booklets:

A comparison of standards for school food across the United Kingdom

This document summarises the food-based and nutrient-based standards for school food in place in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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