Canteen Rescue LogoIs your school canteen in need of rescue?

Do your pupils eat lunch at tables that have seen better days? Are the walls in need of a paint job? Is the noise in there getting everyone down? Not enough light to see the meal on your plate? That’s why, in 2016, we launched our Canteen Rescue competition.

It’s not what they eat, but where they eat that counts

Research shows young people care more about the environment they eat in than the food they’re eating. Put another way, they’re more likely to opt for healthier school meals if your school’s dining room is a place where they actually want to spend time.

But for many schools, their dining space isn’t a place to be proud of. With school budgets getting tighter, we know dining rooms can slip way down the priority list.

Dining room SOS

Brimington Junior School have won the Children's Food Trust's National Canteen Rescue competition, pictured recieving the award are pupils Larissa Wallington, Tom Hardy and Harry Parker with Darshana Dholakia of School Food Trust, Emma Quinn and lunchtime supervisors Julie Facer and Hayley SchofieldThanks to buying group YPO and school food marketing experts Elygra, we gave you the chance to win £10,000 worth of kit to help you turn your canteen nightmare into the dining room of your dreams.

Our winning school was Brimington Junior School in Derbyshire. They’re now choosing their own package from YPO worth £6,500.  They’ll also receive £3,000 worth of marketing kit and customer service training to help market their meals from Elygra.

Take a look at how Darshana Dholakia, our Director of Communications and Canteen Rescue judge, broke the news to the kids:

You can download our top tips for transforming your school dining space here.