School lunch newbies

Gresswell-Primary-School-Denton-Mar-2012-Girl-YogurtThere are lots of things to worry about when your child’s starting a new school or going to school for the very first time. Will they like their teacher? Will they make friends? Will they ever grow into that uniform?! But one of the most important things to get them ready for is lunchtime. How they feel about it can often make or break how they feel about the whole school day.


There are lots of ways to ease them in:

  • Play school lunchtime at home with little ones before the start of term. Practice carrying a plate or a tray with some (cold) food on so that it’s not a totally new experience if that’s how your school runs things.
  • You may find your school invites parents in to join a lunchtime early in the term – if you can get there, this is a great way to see for yourself how it works so you can answer your child’s questions. And if your school doesn’t’ invite you in, ask – schools are often very happy to have you come along as a guest.
  • Get to know the procedures for ordering lunch in advance, paying for lunch and getting hold of the menu.
  • If you’re worried about something, talk to your school.

Don’t forget, things have changed a lot since we were at school. Tough national standards are there to make sure menus are giving children what they need.