Paying for school meals

Every school has a different system – in many primary schools you’ll go in to pay the school office on a daily, weekly, monthly or termly basis, or your school may allow you to pay online. You might find there’s a pre-ordering system, where you and your child choose what meals you want for the coming week.

Most secondary schools now run cashless catering – normally, you’ll top up your child’s account online or by phone, and they’ll simply swipe a special card or their fingerprint to pay for their food at the till. It’s a great way for you to keep tabs on what they’re spending, and means your child won’t have to carry money around school.

If you’re struggling to keep up with school meal payments, talk to school as soon as possible – don’t let your debt mount up. Schools will normally be as flexible as possible and can also help you check if you qualify for free school meals.