Not happy with your child’s food at nursery?

If you’re worried about how your child’s eating at nursery, when and how do you raise the issue?

When to be worried

  • Your childcare provider suggests your child isn’t eating as well as they normally do, or that their behaviour at meal times is declining.
  • You’re not seeing much fruit or veg in the menu.
  • You’re not seeing much variety in the menu. Have a look at the menus we recommend to childcare providers for autumn and winter and spring and summer for an idea of what they should be aiming for.

What do do

Your views of the food from your child’s nursery, childminder or daycare can be really powerful:

  • Ask to come in and join a mealtime for yourself sometime – this is the best way to test the experience
  • Ask questions on parents evening.
  • Find out if other parents have similar concerns; raise them together.
  • Ask your childcare provider if they’re using our national guidelines.
  • Contact us if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.