Eat out with kids

Sick of children’s menus that offer little more than just breaded shapes, sausages, burgers, chips and beans? Us too! Of course, eating out is always a treat and there’s a sensible balance to be struck. But we think restaurants can be big role models of a great food experience for kids.

If you’re heading out to eat rather than cooking tonight, here’s what we look for in a great children’s menu.

  • Smaller portions of the adult menu for children
  • A decent portion of vegetables or salad with (or within) every main meal
  • A portion of fruit with (or within) desserts
  • Healthier drinks in children’s meal deals – water, milk and fruit juice in child-friendly portion sizes
  • Children getting to choose things for themselves – putting their own mix and match salad together, or which vegetables they want in their pasta sauce.

Our work with PizzaExpress

Our nutritionists helped PizzaExpress carry out the biggest refresh of their kids’ offering for seven years. They wanted to treat kids like mini-adults – eating smaller versions of what the grown-ups do – a principle we’ve always promoted and supported for any place where children eat.
Their menu encourages kids to ‘create their own’ pastas and pizzas, and to add free portions of veg to dishes.