We welcome Prue Leith as Patron of Let’s Get Cooking

By Children’s Food Trust CEO Linda Cregan

I am delighted that Prue has become Patron of Let’s Get Cooking and all of us at The Children’s Food Trust are excited to welcome her.

Our relationship with Prue goes back for nearly 10 years as she is formerly the Chair of the School Food Trust. Prue, like us, is incredibly passionate about food, cooking and children’s health.

We have helped make real positive changes to the cooking experience and health of millions of children in the UK, but big challenges lie ahead and there is much to do. By having a cookery legend such as Prue endorsing our campaign and the work we do, it can only help send out a message that our voice should be listened to.

We know that getting all children eating healthier food is achievable, but we need strong commitments to long-term solutions.

Children are growing up in a society in which we have made it easiest and cheapest to buy foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Our portion sizes are out of control and for too long we have failed to teach children how to cook.

As patron of Let’s Get Cooking, Prue lends her voice to our campaign for children everywhere to gain the skills to cook. It is only by learning to cook that children can learn about healthy diets and how to feed themselves in the future.

If we can get children eating better now, they’ll be healthier adults. At the moment, the situation is crippling our NHS.

Watch Prue cooking with children