New alliance to take forward national School Food Plan

Organisations from across the school food sector have joined forces to launch the School Food Plan Alliance, an independent partnership to champion the next steps for the national School Food Plan.

Independent of government funding and made up of leaders on all aspects of good food for children in school, the alliance will continue to build on the School Food Plan’s 17 actions to ensure continuing momentum in school food improvement.

It marks a new phase for school food following the end of government funding for the School Food Plan office, and will offer the sector opportunities for ongoing liaison with the Department for Education to ensure school food issues remain a priority.

Our CEO, Linda Cregan, and Food For Life Founder and Advisor, Jeanette Orrey MBE, will co-chair the alliance to facilitate its operations.

Linda says: “One of the biggest successes of the School Food Plan’s first years is the strength of the collaboration between those who champion good food for children in school – and if we’re going to continue improving the experience children have in school dining rooms around the country, we have to nurture that. We look forward to continue working closely with government to ensure school food is reaching its full potential for children’s health and education.”

Jeanette says: “Through its collaborative approach, the School Food Plan has led some very positive steps forward for school food – however, the job is most certainly not done. The new alliance demonstrates the commitment of the organisations involved to ensure that as many children as possible are able to benefit from nutritious, tasty school meals in an environment that makes them enjoyable.”

Here’s a full list of members of the alliance. Further recruitment is to take place with organisations which were not part of the original School Food Plan expert panel.

School Food Plan timeline:

  • Published in July 2013
  • School Food Plan office established in August 2013
  • School Food Plan office supports implementation of plan actions August 2013 – March 2016
  • Funding for School Food Plan office ends March 2016
  • School Food Plan Alliance formed March 2016